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Donating blood: Or, How i learned to stop worrying and lose the pint. - Just don't get it. Keep it copacetic. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Donating blood: Or, How i learned to stop worrying and lose the pint. [May. 20th, 2011|11:54 pm]
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Mang, what a crazy first few hours of my day.

I show up at school, go to the gym, sign in as a walk in. Say hi to ms. dekasian and explain i'm there to bleed for her. She tells me to cut in front of all the kids after i get to the first table. So i go past the first table and get my number but don't cut in front of the kids because i'd feel bad doing that considering they'd been waiting there for an hour and i showed up to work 2 hours early so no biggie.

The kids i sit next too keep asking me if i go to their school. I'm just shocked how many times it happens. No, you never noticed the 6' 300 pound kid with the 4 inch beard until just today? I tell them i'm in maintenance and they just ask me what class i teach so whatever. I get called back to do my interview.

Blood pressure is normal.
Iron is good.
Then she looks at me quizzically and asks my why my temp is at 99.4. I explain to her that i've been sitting in the hot ass gym for 2 hours sweating my ass off, plus my temp normally runs high, i'm not sick. Okay good.

On to the questions.
Lady: Have you ever been outside the US in the past 12 months?
Me: No
L: Have you ever been to Africa ever?
M: No
L: Have you ever dated someone from Africa ever?
M: No, but i've always wanted to date a black girl.
L: ...Really?
M: Yeah i just never got around to it.
L: I'm going to have to ask my husband about that.
M: What does he like black girls too?
L: He might. His father was a giant biggot who hated everyone.

So we kept talking. Eventually she asks me about my name.

L: So you're the 3rd?
M: Yeah.
L: Named after your father?
M: Yeop.
L: What happened to your dad?
M: He died when i was real young.
L: Oh that's said. How old were you.
M: About 3 i think.
L: So how'd he die?
M: Suicide
L: Oh. Do you know why he did it?
M: I dunno, i guess he really didn't like my mom?
L: My dad killed himself too because he thought he had cancer, but it might have also been because he was crazy.

The problem i have with these conversations is i don't like talking about it, i don't like brining it up, most people are cool with just me saying he died when i was real young. But she was pushing so i just gave it to her, turns out she's just a weirdy too.

So i pass.

I go and get on the cot. Older woman comes up.

Me: .... I'm 25
Ol: Oh well you look really young! You never know with kids now-a-days. We had one who was 6'5 in earlier today.

She complimented me on what "nice veins" i have. I told her it was a shame i wasn't a junkie. She was cool. My pint came out fine. She pointed me towards a juice and cookie table. I get to walking over there, some 14 year old kid who's probably no more than 120 pounds asks me if i need help getting over there. I stop, look at him, and ask him if it's him who needs help getting over there. It takes him a second but he understands i'm good.

Juice and cookie table.
I Sit at the edge of this table to what i thought was a passed out girl, a kid i was waiting in line with, and an arab girl who looks at me wide eyed and starts yelling at the kid who offered to walk me over to get me my juice and cookies. She askes me if i go here, i told her i work here. She says i don't look older than 18. I tell her i'm 25 and i graduated from here 8 years ago. Her friend that i thought was passed out pops up and looks at me wide eye'd.

The arab girl keeps asking me questions. What do i do, what am i doing now? what do i mean when i say that? She seemed extremely sheltered. She started asking me if i played sports. Kind of but not really. I did wrestling till i realized how gay it was wearing spandex and heaving sweating guys putting their armpits on you. And that i did football for awhile, until i realized i hated running, and all the coaches were douchebags. A small crowd has gathered and they're laughing the entire time. The arab girl tells me I'm a bad influence on kids. I told her i'm not supposed to be talking to kids, let alone within 500 feet of them. She clearly doesn't get the joke, everyone else does. I recognize her all of a sudden and ask her if she's the valedictorian of this year? She asks me how i know. I point out the giant picture of her in the adjacent hallway where the class rooms i clean out are.

After that they just made me talk about stuff. High school, life outside of high school. I basically told them that if they're doing something now that they don't like then just quit. High school really isn't a big deal once you get out of high school. I pressed that it was important to go to college because unless you come up with some whacky invention or idea that you can make money off of you're just going to be doing something you hate for the rest of your lives.

That was pretty much it. They were girls and they wanted to know about my love life. It was cute i guess. Times like that makes me wish that i had more of a drive to be a counselor or something. Because over 5 days of me working at the high school has went from
1. I'm kind of embarrassed to be here, i'll just duck my head into closets and get my work done
2. Hey, all of the teachers that i liked still know who i am and like me back.
3. Maybe i'll quit being so shy and just stick out more and say hi to the teachers.
4. Maybe i'll just trying and interact with the kids more, ask them about sports.
5. The valedictorian of the school is asking me what do i mean i keep saying i'm divorced but i wasn't really married, and then when i explain it, she gets. it.

There's also a new science teacher, Ms Vock? Whom i've ran into twice. Once during the band concert because she needed to get to her room and when i let her in she told me i was the nicest janitor ever. And then today, in passing, she walked passed me and told me i was the nicest person she had ever met and that i had great "energy" and wanted to give me a hug. So. I have no idea what's going on. Outside of me badly needing new shoes because of chronic lower back and hip pain. I'm really looking forward to the next 4 weeks.

[User Picture]From: hallelujahlogic
2011-05-24 01:24 pm (UTC)
Vock is nuttier than a fruitcake, be advised.
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