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Just don't get it. Keep it copacetic.

And you learn to accept it, you know you're so pathetic.

1 November 1985
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A man with run on sentence capabilities and also the following: Surface to kid missiles, side and entry level air bags, two hats, 20 digits, torso included, batteries not included, some assembly required, hyperspace capabilities, unilingual, multinational, anti-censorship, free will toting, destiny excepting, contradictory making, spiritual adviser, surface to god missiles, game lover, father, mortuary novice, security worker, on again off again student, casher of the paycheck, bill paying capabilities, bucket seats, phone number hoarder, comes with sleep mode, self winding automaton, forklift licensed, first aid certified, fire safety certified, antique vehicle licensed, navel experience, good at being a complete fucking douchebag, semi decent fire making skills, does not come with compass or any sort of direction sense, confusion beam trained, capable of reaching 11 volume setting, proficient with drums, not really proficient with guitar, attempts dancing, poison diffusion capabilities, semi fire resistant, semi cold resistant, semi fall resistant, proficient in street fighting, proficient in intimidation techniques, large frame, well proportioned, genetically stable, some schizophrenic moments, comes with everything you see here.


I haven't edited this in years.

I'm 25. I'm fat. I'm funny. I like the things that i like and i like the people i hang around with. I like to go back and look at stuff i've written 3 years ago and think about how much of an idiot i was. I'm okay with being a fool forever. I really don't give a shit about privacy so if you want to add me on here of facebook feel free to ask.
4chan, a&e, adult swim, alternity, anime, axis and allies, bbq, bd wong, beer, being lazy, being on bottom sometimes, billiards, black outs, board games, booze, boston legal, bowling, bruce willis movies, chaos theory, chess, chinese food, christmas carols in june, classic star wars, comedy central, cooking, counter strike, deadpool, discovery channel, dnd, dragonlance, dynasty tactics, dyslexia, earlobes, elbow skin, feet, firefly, flat pop, flcl, folk music, fps's, friends, ghost in the shell, green tea, grunge, history channel, hockey, hoodies, hoods, house, i'm a fucking jedi, illogics, job hunting, lan parties, last exile, life, local h, long johns, lucid dreaming, making sandwiches, metaphysics, mexican food, milk, milk and cookies, mongolian bar-b-q, mortuary science, movies, mtg, my son joey, naps, natural breasts, paintball, pancakes and sausage, pc gaming, pepper, philosophy, pissing on floors, porn, price is right, pso, quiet breakfasts, r.a. salvatore, racquetball, rambling, random patterns, reading, red hot chili peppers, risk, rts's, samurai jack, samurai seven, sandra bullock, science channel, sex, shadowrun, shitting at work, showering, sleep, smell of oranges, snow forts and igloo's, softball, spending time with friends, stand up comedy, star trek, starcraft, stuttering, sugar water, sweet tea, tattoos, tech tv, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the boondocks, the colbert report, the daily show, the end of life, the fifth element, the game of life, the hulk, the minibosses, the pillows, the zombie apocalypse, thermal socks, tough crowd, vampire from the mists, walleyball, war machine, warhammer, weeping willows, working midnights, xenosaga